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Felt is one of the oldest textiles in the world. Felt is the result of entangled wool fibres, matted together, i.e. it is non woven textile.

Making felt requires only wool, water and soap, thus by exposing wool fibres to friction, the fibres are entangled and interlocked.
Felt has a high potential as an eco-friendly material as it is just one step away from the sheep’s back. It keeps the number of textile processing steps at a minimum. Wool is a renewable material , together with a craftsmen’s way of working making felt a sustainable textile that connects us to the Earth, as well as binds our past and present.

“Vilte” was chosen as a brand name not just for the name of the feltmaker, but for its linguistic similarity to the word “vilt” (in Old Dutch it means “felt”) from which the Old English “felt” was actually derived.

Vilte uses natural, preferably organic, sustainable materials in making felt. She uses wool from different breeds of sheep and other animals, combines it with silk, linen and other natural fabrics in nuno felting techniques, revealing the versatility of felt and variety of its character, making it thin, transparent and light or heavy and dense.

Wool is rich in its properties. It is durable, insulates against cold, its fibres have high elasticity and are hypoallergenic. Wool breathes and has self cleaning properties in moist air.

Vilte uses very fine merino wool as well as wool from various European breeds of sheep like Drenthe Heath – the oldest breed of sheep in Western Europe that has long and expressive fleece, Spaelsau, Wensleydale, Teeswater sheep wool. She also works with such soft and luxurious wools as camel, cashmere, yak, alpaca, angora wool.

Wool is often combined with silk - raw silk or silk fabrics. As well as linen, ramie, soya, and such sustainable fibre as banana silk.

Many of Vilte’s felt pieces are dyed in eco-friendly way using plants without heavy metal mordants.

Viltė Kazlauskaitė has been experimenting with felt techniques since 2006, she creates innovative and modern felt by connecting various natural materials. She reveals versatility of felt - creating airy, light or heavy and dense felt.

VILTE – is an eco-friendly and unique fashion and textile art. New luxury is 100% handmade.

Vilte works mostly in 2 fields - textile art fashion and interior:

Vilte Fashion
- unique, one of a kind items with personal approach
- only natural materials and principles of ethical fashion
- 100% handmade, apparel without seams, forming every piece with hands - creating your second skin, a live material

Vilte Interior
- Eco and natural materials
- Textural expression of natural, sensuality, comfort, and mood
- Cosiness, uniqueness and eco luxury

Vilte enjoys principles of slow and ethical fashion and art.

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