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Nuno felt dress or any garment in fabric manipulation technique video tutorial

This is a detailed and step by step video tutorial of my most popular nuno felt workshop on fabric manipulation in nuno felt garments, that I have been giving all over the world.

The video is with the voice over in English.

In this video you will learn:

- how to choose materials for your project
- several fabric manipulation techniques for creating different textures
- how to take measurements
- how to calculate shrinkage
- how to add shrinkage to your measurements
- how to make a template and adjust it
- how to design a dress
- how to lay out the dress
- how to felt a dress and finish it

After the payment (in few minutes to a day) you will receive a link to download the tutorial video in a private conversation. You will get 2 links for you to choose: one with a PC quality - 1,28 GB size, anothe HD quality - 3,26 GB. You will also get a link to download measurements table and measurements example.

This video is for personal use only and can not be used for groups, copying, publishing or any other way, it is protected by International copyright law.

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